Best battle rappers

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Tay Roc. Rickey F. M Zhayt. Sak Maestro. Tsu Surf. Lil Sisa. J King. Hollow da Don. Hearty tha Bomb. Aye Verb. Price Tagg.

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Bangz New Haven, Connecticut. He currently has 63 battles catalogued, which total 3, views. Total Views 3, Total Battles Average Views 52, Submit Information for this Rapper. This rapper has no upcoming battles scheduled. Do Or Die Battle L Don't Flop En Ground Zero Battle Heavii TV Headshot King of the Dot Lyrical Elite Batt Manslaughter Battl Power House Battle Shock Value Battle TakeOva Battle Lea The Colosseum BattTo the casual observer battle rap might seem like an anachronism, until you realize that it's bigger than ever.

Leagues like URL and King of the Dot have produced some of the most talked about events in hip-hop — with the controversies to boot. And the parodies. Battling has gone from a niche interest to an important part of hip-hop culture. For those new to the scene, however, here's some historical perspective: the 10 greatest rap battles in history. The early s battle scene's greatest prize was the coveted Scribble Jam trophy. The annual Columbus, Ohio battle saw the best freestyle battlers in the country square off in a one night tournament.

The first round of 's event saw the previous year's finalist Swann upset by Illmaculate, making his debut, who went on to take the event's top honor. The battle that certified Scribble Jam's prestige was the incarnation, between L.

It was one of those cross-generational torch-passing moments, and helped make Scribble Jam a showcase of freestyle greats for most of the coming decade.

Battle Rap Leaderboard

UK-based JumpOff. TV hosted scored battle leagues, and took it international with two World Rap Championship tournaments. The second meeting between the two teams is regarded as JumpOff's finest hour. Among the most disputed and influential battles ever was Smack's match-up of Iron Solomon and Math Hoffa. Solomon had defeated Jin the previous summer, and Math had punched out another rapper mid-battle, so anticipation was high. While Solomon was arguably at his peak here, Math's approach — playing to the camera — changed the way battles are performed and presented.

Part of Summer Madness 2, arguably battling's biggest event yet, Lux's entertaining theatrics did little to unnerve Calicoe, who even endured Lux's jaw-dropping one-of-a-kind progressive final round. For nearly five years, Canada's King of the Dot league has produced some of battling's most exciting match-ups.

Perhaps its finest hour as host Organik and special guest Drake witnessed was the battle between Dizaster and DNA. With approaches in each round as diverse as their styles, these two put on an absolute clinic that was hailed a classic.

best battle rappers

In front of one of the most hyped crowds to ever witness a battle, the back-and-forth became regarded as the definitive rap battle for years to come. This was not only the most influential rap battle of all time, but one of the most important moments in hip-hop history.

best battle rappers

It took place at Harlem World in when Treacherous 3 member Kool Moe Dee decided to combat chief party-rocker Busy Bee's crowd pleasing call-and-response rhymes with his own brand of super-personal, complicated rhyme schemes. The battle became one of the most circulated live bootlegs ever recorded and was the first step rap took towards advancing the art form of lyricism. While the battle between Murda Mook and Jae Millz was the first widely circulated must-see street battle of this era, Mook's later match-up with Serious Jones cemented the format as one to be taken seriously.


Exemplifying the charisma that draws battle fans in and delivering with two flawless performances, it's one of street battling's first masterpieces. There's a reason Dumbfoundead vs.

Tantrum has become known as the go-to battle to convert new viewers into battle fans. Wildly hilarious, incredibly innovative and capturing the fun vibe that keeps people coming to battle events, it put Grind Time on the map and signaled a change in the way the world viewed rap battles.

Almost five years later, the event still holds up as a perfect storm of sharp lyrics and unforgettable performances. The 20 Worst Hipster Bands.

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News News See all. Food See all. Weekly Weekly Podcast April 6, Music See all.If you want to play a game with rap, there are some rap games on Roblox.

Each of these games has millions visitors but the most visitors is Auto Rap Battles. Rap Battles by Decabox was created on October 12th, and it can be played by 25 maximum players. This game now has been visited more than 8 million times with more than 61K favorites and more than 18K likes. This game is categorized into a sports game.

In this game, you have to face off lyrically against your foes and become a rap god. Then, you are also able to build up a rap career, purchase rare hats, microphones and more. The new things in this game is VIP server owners which now have full mod admin commands, the ability to votekick other rappers, 10 new beats and also RP name which applies to everything in the game. If we talk about rap battle games, you may come here because you need raps for the games.

If you are looking for best raps for Rap Battle Roblox, we have some raps that you are able to use. So here they are. This video was published on March 18th, and now this video has been watched more than 60 times. Well, you are able to use these raps in the game. As you can see that these raps are cool enough to use, right? If you feel inspired, you can also make your own rap. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Attack on Titan Uncopylocked Roblox An uncopylocked game is a game where. Roblox Dark Mode Extension.Rap thrives on competition.

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Since the beginning of time, humans have always measured their worth against other humans. Rap is no different. It's customary for MCs to sharpen their battling skills by throwing darts at other rappers on the way to the top. You strike fear in your enemy's camp and gain acclaim by firing verbal missiles, subliminal or blatant.

Canibus tested his strength against LL Cool J.

Best of The Culture: Top 20 Battle Rappers And Top Events of 2018

Nas and Jay Z went pound for pound for a decade. Biggie and 2Pac exchanged blows until their final days on earth. In honor of the great rap battle gladiators of our time, let's look back the 10 best battles rap has witnessed and the winner of each duel. The hip-hop bible featured him in its 'Unsigned Hype' column back in March While Slim Shady had no music rag to throw back at Benzino, he had something Benzino lacked: rap skills.

Shady clapped back with a brigade of insults, including standouts "Nail in the Coffin" and "The Sauce. Benzino's rap aspirations took a nosedive, while Eminem's career flourished.

Dre traded insults non-stop. As if that wasn't enough, he devoted plenty of airtime to Dre's past as a member of the electro-pop group World Class Wrecking Cru', ridiculing Dre's fashion faux pas. Eazy threw in a pic of Dre dressed in pumps and mascara to boot. Imagine if Eazy-E had access to Photoshop in No discussion of rap's best battles is complete without mentioning the historic showdown between Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee.

The year is and every rap lyric ends with the phrase "in the place to be. Busy Bee entertained the audience with crowd-pleasing raps, but Moe Dee would eventually make mincemeat out of him with some mean rhymes. As is often the case in hip-hop, this historic beef was all about bragging rights. It pitted two New York boroughs against each another. History teaches us that one way to draw the ire of a fellow rapper is to publicly indict them for hip-hop's demise.

Cue "Westside Slaughterhouse," a vicious attack on Common, replete with the grimiest rap video ever made. That lyrical uppercut is something like a blueprint for some of today's top rhyme pugilists. With "No Vaseline," Ice Cube single-handedly annihilated an entire group. A rare feat which has never been replicated. Interestingly, Pac's tactic was the antithesis of Big's approach. Not one to bite his tongue, Pac kept his insults as explicit and aggressive as possible.

Biggie, on the other hand, stung Pac with subliminal disses, often delivered in a poised manner. This was arguably the most influential hip-hop feud ever. It affected entire regions, wrecked relationships, and changed lives forever. Before the Def Jam deal.

Before the Power lovefest.Who's your favorite battle rapper? These battle rappers have competed in some of what are arguably the best rap battles ever. Battle rapping is a genre unto itself and it deserves to be recognized.

Sure, some of the best rappers have serious skill when it comes to rap battles, but even they may not be able to stand up against the battle MCs to follow. In short, these hip hop artists know how to come up with quick and clever lines, and they're considered the best to do it.

Who's the best battle rapper in your opinion? Who are the top battle rappers of all time? Aside from Eminem, you think any white battle rappers are among the top 5 battle rappers? Vote up your picks from the list below and vote down any rappers if you feel they aren't quite as good. Charlie Clips. Loaded Lux. Hitman Holla. Tay Roc. Hollow Da Don. Tsu Surf.

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K Shine. Aye Verb. John John Da Don. Murda Mook. Pat Stay. Search for an item here and add it to the list! List Rules: This is obviously just a selection of battle rappers. If you feel someone needs to be included, leave a comment.As we prepare for another year of outstanding coverage of battle rap culture, we pause to salute those who have made an exceptional mark throughout last year.

But before we get into all of that… before the culture gets mad because their favorite emcee was left off the list… before people accuse us of being biased and not knowing what we are talking about… before battle rap outlets throw shots because we are treading in their territory… we have painstakingly created five superlative lists tipping our hats to those emcees that have invested their blood, sweat, and tears into the culture, making at least our staff and readers actually want to tune in.

Debo send her some flowers and an additional check. This is a whole different ballgame. No one remembers that he used to throw-up during battles now… all we remember is them damn shell cases and how he put fear in the eyes of two bonafide Mt. Rushmore candidates. The move made them free and independent from YouTube and allowing them to monetize fully their brand through what appears to be a network producing original programming, high impact battles and giving real estate to smaller leagues.

The trues GOATs of the industry.

Best Raps for Rap Battle Roblox

Fit produces a weekly show with celebrity guests to talk everything from battle rap to politics, relationships and pop culture. Fit, Knowledge tha God, and Space Ghost.

best battle rappers

These lists are incredibly subjective, but we did comb over votes from fans, battlers, league owners, media outlets and other execs. It is important to note further, that many other leagues and individuals could have made the list this year but there are just not enough spaces 1- 5, 1 — 10 or 1 to put everyone in.

You all have the same opportunities to add to the numbers as our staff. Home Digital Entertainment. Subscribe Now! Email Address.

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Best battle rappers

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